Component – Mode Zero EP

Component delivers the goods with high intensity and innovative sounds, pulsating rhythms, and exciting movement. The three original tracks push a wide spectrum of audio innovation, aiming for dark dance floors, concrete bunkers, and warehouse parties. The EP covers all angles with remixes from Gobsmacked’́s Millhouse, and techno stalwart JGarrett who never fail to impress with their respective experience of over thirty years in the techno scene.

“Purveyor of raw, energetic and percussive techno and a big heavy atmosphere.” – that’s how Component describes himself as a producer and DJ. He caught the music bug at just ten years of age whilst listening to the Prodigy’s seminal album, “Experience”. 2016 saw a conscious move towards a forward thinking industrial Techno sound. Influenced heavily by clubs and festivals in London, Berlin, and Eastern Europe. “For me, it’s all about creating an energy and changing people’s mood,” says Component. “Playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and moving in sync with the music without realising.”


CKS – Recycle EP

CKS joins Gobsmacked for an end of year release, which in the mind of the artist combines all possible different universes into one EP. Under the guise of Mind, Texture, Power and Singularity, the EP is a powerful representation of personality, and creates a high octane and energetic form of music in a heavily mental and percussive style. Available from all stores and on USB from



JGarrett – Proximity EP

Gobsmacked’s latest signing is a fitting one. U.S. / Canadian DJ/producer JGarrett has been involved in the scene for some time now and is chiefly renowned for his work at his own label, Subspec. A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the producer is currently living in Vancouver, Canada and this latest release marks his first since a recent appearance on Perc’s inimitable Perc Trax. JGarrett’s Detroit-influenced sounds continue to endear him to many, and this record, the fantastic Proximity EP, is sure to do the same.







Lars Huismann – Resistance EP

Lars Huismann returns to Gobsmacked with his signature metallic synth melodies and pounding no mercy primetime techno. This time he’s brought the big guns, and delivered a solid three track EP full of bigroom kicks, perpetually driving bass, and hypnotic sampling. Fellow Berliner Krenzlin has also stamped his mark on the release, making his debut on the label with an equally hypnotic peak time remix.

Check out an interview with Lars about his Gobsmacked release on Berlin Techno City

Check out a premiere on See Sick Sound






Future Sounds Vol.2

Music made for post-industrial spaces, pushing against the grain and societal boundaries imposed on us by those following globally destructive ideals. Music for allowing the consciousness an escape from daily monotony and the struggle to coexist alongside the monsters of wealth accumulation. Twelve tracks hand picked for their intensity, intelligence, and production skill, developed for a post industrial setting, and brimming with energy. Future Sounds Vol. 2 skims the surface of the techno scene, and manages to pick a dozen of it ́s best results from seasoned Gobsmacked artists, and newcomers finally joining the label.

Check out the release premiere and interview on Different Grooves


P=MV – Momentum EP

The Eindhoven based P=MV drop their first release, and it ́s scorching. The P=M*V formula is synomous to their sound meaning MOMENTUM. Coming from the live act duo of Sceptical C and Tachini, both regulars on Gobsmacked over the past decade, Momentum is a heavy and energetic release bursting with hypnotic melodies and industrial influences.

Check out the release premiere on Electronic Groove:





Diarmaid O Meara – Haven

Taking influences, samples and soundscapes from underground spaces and empty clubs, Diarmaid O Meara returns to Gobsmacked for his third solo release in 2018. Haven is the result of painstakingly recording industrial sounding noises in post-industrial locations and feeding them through hardware sequencers, undercut with eurorack synths.

Dkult – White Dove

The DKult project from César Silva is known for its other dimension
dark ambiences and pounding hypnotic beats. Having already
graced the Gobsmacked imprint more than once, he now drops his
first solo release on the label. Featuring 4 original tracks, each one
incrementally stepping up in intensity and energy to the point of
crescendo, while Millhouse joins for remix duties, creating a filthy
droney banger.

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Gobsmacked 10 Years Underground & Future Sounds Compilations

Irish label Gobsmacked has recently celebrated it ́s 10th birthday, and to mark this milestone, will release three VA compilations. With humble beginnings as a club-night in the South East Waterford city techno scene in 2007, the transformation to a label began with a blanket ban on electronic music events in the city, and the lust to create a platform for releasing music from local artists. Early releases received rave reviews and support across the spectrum of the international techno scene, which increased the confidence of the label and with this, the catalog grew with more and more increasingly eclectic sounds from international artists. The label made the move to Berlin in 2010, seeing no real progress in the Waterford/Irish scene, the draconian closing times, and police harassment of promoters/artists involved in organising techno events. This move developed into countless organised events, underground shows, podcast series, secret collaborations, and releases from hundreds of international artists. The first two celebratory VA compilations “10 Years Underground” consists of 60 tracks in two volumes, released over the label ́s first decade, which became the defining sounds of the label and the artists it promoted. The final VA compilation consists of the sounds Gobsmacked will be promoting in the immediate future, from artists considered to produce timeless dance-able electronic music in the underground sound of the label.

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Gobsmacked 146 – 160 mixed by Millhouse

Millhouse compiles this edition of the Gobsmacked series, and with it, chooses 16 of the most fitting tracks from releases 141 – 160. Included in the compilation, you can find music from Ortin Cam & Boriqua Tribez, Ethan Fawkes, Diarmaid O Meara, A.P.T.A, Dario Dep, alongside an hour long mix from Millhouse. The intense mixing style that has become a bulwark of Millhouse’s live performances is as prominent here as the tracks themselves.