Eftek – Infiltra EP

Eftek joins Gobsmacked with an EP bursting with metallic sounds and technotic energy. Fresh from releases on Advanced and Techburst, the French producer brings his eclectic style with three original tracks

Ethan Fawkes & Diarmaid O Meara – Professional Tourist

No strangers to the Gobsmacked sound, Ethan Fawkes and Diarmaid O Meara joined forces and have produced a heavy synth based, analog sounding EP. The namesake ‘Professional Tourist’ pushes raw and eerie sounding bass lines in contrast with the pumping intensity of ‘Afterlife Strategy’, which receives quality remixes from both C-System, and Patrick DSP.

Tawa Girl – Roue Libre

Tawa Girl brings the bass pressure by dropping two pumping originals onto Gobsmacked. Diarmaid O Meara and Skot round out the EP with two energy-intensive remixes.


Vulture Culture – Delirium Tremors EP

Secret weapon production duo, Vulture Culture, drop a red hot EP onto the Gobsmacked catalog. Delirium Tremors features three raw and pounding original tracks, brimming with analog energy and intensity, ready to heat up that warehouse dance floor.

ReneHell – Shame On You EP

ReneHell brings his brand of industrial dark techno to Gobsmacked with the ‘Shame On You EP’. Also featuring remixes by Dkult, Klangtronik, and Rewarrp.

Spiralika – Davide Nigro

Italian techno upstart, and resident noise maker at Techno Culture, Davide Nigro, drops an impressive retro sounding EP onto the Gobsmacked imprint. Fresh from a powerful release on Krata, his drive for pushing the melodic analog sounds come to the fore with Moonside. While the driving, almost thunderous Spirilaka, is a hypnotic rave-esque banger with the single purpose of creating dance floor energy. The Spiralika EP is available from all good download stores, and on USB from www.gobsamckedrecords.com

Diarmaid O Meara – Hardware Frequencies

Hardware Frequencies is the new EP from Diarmaid O Meara on the Gobsmacked imprint, and features 5 original techno tracks. Available on USB through Gobsmacked, and digital from all good download stores. After an extremely busy 12 months of releases and touring, including releasing his extremely well received “In Your Head” album on Gobsmacked, two 12″ records including his “Dreams” EP on Teja, and a collaborative EP with Oliver Kucera, this will be his first solo endeavor of 2017. Being dropped directly before a sister EP on the blisteringly hot Emetic imprint, Hardware Frequencies is a showcase of some of O Mearas most dance-able experimental productions of the past two years. Worked and reworked after countless dance floor tests across the European clubland, this EP features the combined influence and energy resonance resulting from relocating his studio to an old bunker by Berlin ́s violently historic Tempelhof airport. Covering a spectrum of techno from analog breakbeat and twisted experimental, to straight four four.

Ethan Fawkes – Ruins of an Empire

Ruins of an Empire is Ethan Fawkes second blistering release on Gobsmacked. Pure analog energy and warped sounds are the basis of this EP ́s original tracks, direct from the mind of one of the busier producers in the scene, who comes fresh from releases on Fnoob and Kobayashi. The EP is bolstered by some nose-bleedingly industrial and breakbeat remixes from Al Ferox, Dave Tarrida, and Katarina Ohalloran, who have pulled out all the stops in the quest to destroy speakers everywhere. A top release. Available from all good download stores, and on USB through Gobsmacked.

Millhouse – Circumstances EP

Millhouse returns to Gobsmacked after a brief hiatus with a two track EP. Circumstances EP is bursting at the seams with raw, hard energy, and showcases the modern workings of this talented producer. Available from all good download stores and on USB from www.gobsmackedrecords.com

Oliver Kucera & Diarmaid O Meara – Made In A Bunker

Oliver Kucera (Your Mother Naked, DJAX) and Diarmaid O Meara (Gobsmacked, Nachtstrom) drop a collaborative EP onto Gobsmacked with a thump. With both producers pushing their respective strengths, you can expect energetic rhythms, big room sound, and ultimate danceability. Available on all good download stores, and on USB.