Dario Dep – Experiment EP

Fresh from releases on Elektrax, Hypnohouse, and Morforecs, Dario Dep drops a 4 track EP on Gobsmacked. Featuring three originals, and a heavy remix from Hardom, the Experiment EP delivers the goods, from quirky analog sounds to heavy breakbeat Techno.

Raffaele Genovese – Enigma EP

Raffaele Genovese brings us a red hot four track EP, with two originals bursting at the seams with analog energy, rusty hats, and filthy grooves. He is joined by fellow Italian heavyweights ATProject, who pull no punches with their remix, whilst delivering their trademark sound. Diarmaid O Meara takes a step in the breakbeat noise-wall direction with his remix, and drops a fat distorted variation.

ReneHell & Timao – Schandtat EP

Renehell and Timao have created a three track collaborative EP for Gobsmacked in the shape of the “Schandtat EP”. Taking influences from industrial and acid techno, the cross collaborative sound that develops, is one of raw, gritty, and extremely danceable techno.

Spectrum – Construct EP

Spectrum from Connected gives us a little treat when it comes to dark and hard techno. Delivering pounding beats and eery sounds, rhythms and huge climaxes… And on top of that, The Anxious joins the EP with a belter of a remix. Coming straight from their underground techno-bunker, this topnotch duo gives us pumping energetic remix.

Dorbachov – S’age

Dorbachov (Clutch Trax, Forte) joins Gobsmacked to unleash a heavily styled EP. Intense, modern, and featuring remixes from Nico Kohler (Naked Lunch, Gobsmacked) and Diarmaid O Meara (Gobsmacked, Nachtstrom), the S’age EP pushes all the right buttons for dance floor shuddering Techno.

A.P.T.A – Chaostheorie

Upcoming German techno producer, A.P.T.A (Vollgaaas, Naughty Pills) drops some moody and hard noise onto the Gobsmacked catalog. The Chaostheorie EP features three heavy original tracks, and an excellent remix from Andre Rauer.

Pablo Santos – Only One Way

Spanish upstart, Pablo Santos (Sound of Techno, Technodrome), joins Gobsmacked with a solid single, and plethora of releases in toe. The heavy, yet nicely spacey original, is joined by excellent remixes from Adrian Richter, Joseph Dalik, Mono Voice, Sopik, Tonikattitude, and Guil Uzaka.

Diarmaid O Meara – In Your head (Album)

“At O Meara’s touch in the studio, the technotic sounds released becomes something pulsing and alive. Dark vibes take a stormy ride through intense rhythms, at times reinforced by hypnotic vocals. A sinister bass pummels in the opening track “Battlecry”, while catchy beats ignites electro rhythms in “To Love A Speaker”. The filthy hoover rumbles of “In Your Head” go hand in hand with the analog loops on “Invertebrate People”… But it’s the experience of the whole album that demonstrates so well O Meara’s dedication to diversity and his focus on creating music that makes him – and his fan base – feel good.”

Available as download, or on USB with over 4 hours of bonus audio-visual material.

Ortin Cam – Buck Em Down

Ortin Cam (Drumcode, Kombination Research) joins the Gobsmacked catalog with a single release developed in collaboration with BPMJunction. The original track features remixes from Gobsmacked’s Diarmaid O Meara, Variance’s Luke Creed, and BPMJunction remix competition winners Linear Straight, and Skot.
With these names, it’s pretty obvious what to expect, and you won’t be disappointed. All tracks bring together the elements of fun loving, ass shaking sounds, perfect for the dance floor.
Available from all good download stores, and on USB from Gobsmacked Records.

Various Artists – Gobsmacked 100


Gobsmacked 100

Gobsmacked celebrates its One Hundredth Release with a release compilation from a number of its favourite artists and producers, all mixed into a one hour techno orgy, by Diarmaid O Meara and Luke Creed. The 13 track compilation covers all angles of the ‘Gobsmacked Sound’, which moves from dark and intensely minimalistic, through melodic and old school sounds, to simple Technotic Energy.

Featuring some of the labels most common producers and friends, the compilation pushes the dancefloor moving sounds that Gobsmacked has become renowned for in its journey through the world of electronic music. All the while keeping to its roots of finding and releasing music from those deserving of a platform.

On mixing duties for the compilation mix comes Gobsmacked Owner Diarmaid O Meara, and Luke Creed, who push an hour long, intensive 128bpm mix in their unique style. Flowing beautifully and energetically from start to finish, 100 keeps the celebratory flame burning for the Gobsmacked brand and family.

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