Various Artists – Gobsmacked 100


Gobsmacked 100

Gobsmacked celebrates its One Hundredth Release with a release compilation from a number of its favourite artists and producers, all mixed into a one hour techno orgy, by Diarmaid O Meara and Luke Creed. The 13 track compilation covers all angles of the ‘Gobsmacked Sound’, which moves from dark and intensely minimalistic, through melodic and old school sounds, to simple Technotic Energy.

Featuring some of the labels most common producers and friends, the compilation pushes the dancefloor moving sounds that Gobsmacked has become renowned for in its journey through the world of electronic music. All the while keeping to its roots of finding and releasing music from those deserving of a platform.

On mixing duties for the compilation mix comes Gobsmacked Owner Diarmaid O Meara, and Luke Creed, who push an hour long, intensive 128bpm mix in their unique style. Flowing beautifully and energetically from start to finish, 100 keeps the celebratory flame burning for the Gobsmacked brand and family.

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